Octo Ring

The webring for GitHub

an octopus, a cat, and a goose holding hands

What is Octo Ring?

A webring is a collection of websites that link to each other in a circle, with each site linking to the next and previous sites in the ring. Octo Ring is the webring for GitHub, which connects profiles using a markdown widget on each member’s profile readme.

Octo Ring lets you surf GitHub to stumble upon cool people and projects, and show off your own profile without using creepy analytics, suggestion algorithms, or search engines. You can add your profile to the Octo Ring by signing in with your GitHub account.

diagram of five profiles connected to each other in a circle, and an empty space for you


Anyone is allowed to join the Octo Ring. Displaying the Octo Ring widget on your profile is highly encouraged but not required to participate.

In order to foster a welcoming, interesting, and inclusive group, harassment or discrimination of any kind will result in removal from the Octo Ring. Please report any member engaging in abusive behavior.

To remove your profile from the Octo Ring, delete your Octo Ring account. You are always welcome to join again when you’re ready.